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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is there a Commands & Colors English Civil War game in our future?

Junior and I attended the HMGS East "Cold Wars" convention in Lancaster, PA this past weekend. In between games we like to walk around and look at what people are doing. I particularly like to see what rulesets people are using. So as we were strolling through the Lampeter Room where all the tournaments are held, we just happened to come across Richard Borg and a group of gents playing an English Civil War (ECW) game with 28mm figures on a cloth marked out with hexagons. Richard Borg is of course the renowned author of several popular games such as the Commands and Colors (C&C) ancients system, Memoir '44, Battle Cry, etc. In the first picture below he is the gent in the white shirt.

What struck me about this scene is they were obviously using the same card movement/action system that has become familiar to us in Richard's games, but this time the rules and cards appeared to be home made. I asked him if this was an experimental ECW version of C&C and he acknowledged that it was. I then asked him if we are going to see this published some day and he said "hopefully."

So there you have it folks; a great "scoop" from your favorite gaming blog! Remember, you heard it here first!

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