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Monday, January 28, 2013

"Battle Of Ginnis" Sudan 1885 Scenario

Greetings and my apologies for being gone so long. I don't know why these things happen, but they do. I am going to try to get caught up on everything that has been happening over the last year or so. To begin with, we did finally run the "Battle of Ginnis" 1885 Sudan scenario at HISTORICON last summer. It turned out looking really nice, and we had five very nice gents show up to play. They all loved the set up and the game. It ended up being very one-sided with the Brit side winning fairly easily, but I think that tactical decisions made on the Dervish side had a lot to do with it. In any case, it is a really good scenario. Everyone should be looking for this one when it gets published in one of the Skirmish Campaigns scenario books. The best guess is that this will happen sometime in late 2013.

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