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Thursday, March 24, 2016

"...There is Only War."

On a personal note, I recently moved from the lovely state of Virginia to the wonderful state of Ohio. Things are different here. I miss my gaming partners and dear friends Bwana Bill (and his son!)and Consul Scipio (and his son!). However, I'm pleased to report there are gamers here, and my "war room" is up and operational once again.

My first task is to prepare for a GW event on 16 April 2016, "Celebrating 30 Years of Space Marines." Therefore my Space Wolves are back to their position at the front of my never-ending painting queue. Thankfully, the infantry is pretty close to being done, with just detail work needed on one unit of Grey Hunters and one unit of Space Pups (Blood Claws). The second unit of Grey Hunters has most basic colors on it, but needs a bit of flesh here and there, as do my Thunderwolf Cavalry.

Given the need to roll more die, I may flesh out the Space Pups with a few extra lads, toss them in a Land Raider Crusader (which is only gray at the moment!), and send them into battle. Which leads me to my vehicular dilemma.

I have only one vehicle - a Rhino - that is painted. Since I painted that particular transport my painting style has changed as has the color pallet - thanks GW! ** so I may have to paint that one again, or touch it up a bit. Additionally, I have a Razorback that requires additional paint, and (if I decide on adding Blood Claws) a Landraider Crusader that needs a lot of work.

As it stands, I know I can finish the infantry and the Razorback prior to 16 April. Stay tuned, I'll post the results of my ongoing painting frenzy, as well as any gaming exploits that may or may not occur.

********* Addition - Last evening, as I was drifting off to sleep one of our cats pulled a "ninja" and broke into the war room. He then began throwing $50.00 models and infantry figures from the table to the floor, breaking several of them. I'm now taking time from painting to research a recipe for "Kitten Tikka Masala." <*just kidding - but I'm not a happy chappy!*> ******

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