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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Final Cut

Dave over at AIM is fantastic! I sent him an email letting him know what I needed (decals for the Hawkers, decals for my German gliders, and another assault glider) one day, sent him a paypal for it that night, and BAM!!! A box was on my steps the day after! I'm very pleased. I'm sure he went well out of his way to make that happen, and I don't expect that sort of thing from folks - it sure is nice when it happens that way!

This is it.

After months of fiddeling with other peoples models, with other game system figures and models for myself, I've finally got the Hawker IID done. The decals and clearcote (I used GWs Matte Varnish) truly put the finishing touches on this 1/100th scale wargames aircraft. Now I need to paint up some Brits for the Hawker to support!

I won't bother with captions. These decals really are a very nice touch, and historically accurate in shape, lettering, and colors, as well as being 'in scale' for the model, since they are designed by the same person that designed the model!

Enjoy the eyecandy, and pay Dave a visit over at Armaments in Miniature for your 1/100th scale (15mm) aircraft needs!

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