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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Getting a few things done

It's always nice when I get more than 15 minutes in the War Room. I managed to finish a few things last night, and bring several other projects nearly to completion. Amazing what one can accomplish when one is focussed and is given some time!

The M-10 Platoon is ready for Decals. Then I'll muddy it, Dullcote it (flat, clear, protective coating) and then sell it off - since I sold off my American Paratroopers already and no longer have an American force for them to support! I'll also be selling a few trucks that I was able to completely finish last night.

For my Fallschirmjagers, I was able to get nearly done with the Panzer II Luchs (Lynx) which will be an integral part of their Recon support.

I also got General "Pip" Roberts command tank done for my Brits - or rather, ready for inking and 'muddying'.

I finished a unit of Tau Fire Warriors for 40K.

I got a good start on my Imperial Guard Officer for Inquisitor (=I=).

So, busy, productive night. And all because I was recovering from my first bike ride in ages (12 or so miles), and my girls had a "chick flick" that I had zero interest in! Serendipity really, don't you think!?

I'll be posting photos as soon as I am able.

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