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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The British commander makes a huge tactical error by releasing the 17th Lancers from inside the square too early. They are attacked on both the left and right flanks and are wiped out; but only after inflicting heavy casualties on the Zulus.
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In the end, there were only three effective Zulu iviyo (units) remaining out of the original ten, while the British square was still intact and strong. We figured that the remaining Zulus would have had little or no chance to stop the British square so we called it a British victory.

Let me close with some Zulu trivia. The word “kraal” means “corral” in the Afrikaans language which is what the Boer (Dutch) settlers speak. Afrikaans is derived from the original Dutch language of the first settlers. When I was in South Africa I learned that Zulus do not like to hear their “homesteads” referred to as “corrals”, even though the old Zulu kraals did serve the dual function of both living space and corral. Anyway, just keep this in mind in case you ever meet a real life Zulu!

Happy Gaming!

“Bwana Bill”
(photo credits to my son Andy)

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