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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trench Wars World War I WARNORD

On Friday night I'll be running a game of Trench Wars at our local shop. Charlie is bringing some newly-painted Brit field guns (I'll try to remember the camera this time!) which we are going to use as objectives for some small-scale skirmish.

The scenario is basically a night-time deep recon, beyond the first trench line. The Germans will be attempting to find and, if possible, spike the guns.

We will have to use the night-fight rules from Warhammer 40K and adjust them a bit.

Trench Wars is a one to one scale World War One skirmish wargame based on the years 1916-1918. Although it is technically "late war" we also do "early war" battles as well.

The rules are straight-forward and easy to understand, and there are additional levels of detail that are "optional rules".

Trench Wars plays quick and easy, and it's always a hoot. Check it out at Old Glory Miniatures.

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