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Monday, October 31, 2005

With the British Armoured Squadrons' command tanks burning and the Panzer Kompanies' Recon commander sitting on their objective, the game ended in a German win with a victory point score of 5-2. (The victory points come out of the rule book, and result is given due to the fact that the victor only lost one full platoon.)

'Bwana' Bill played an excellent game, recovering well from what seemed an initial setback. After my Honey Stuarts and Bren carriers hammered his infantry on my half of turn one, it was looking grim. However, his StuGs were nearly impervious to my fire (mostly due to my poor die rolls! Have I mentioned I have demon-possessed die?) while his long 7.5cm guns were more than a match for the mediocre (POOR!) armor on the Grants.

One thing that I didn't do in the game was to attempt to fire both the guns on the Grants. If I fired the turret 37mm as well as the sponson 75mm, I'd get two more shots per turn. The problem with that is that I have to roll higher on the die to hit due to the vehicle commanders' attention being split between guiding the gunner and trying to aim and fire the turret gun himself. (Both guns are +1 to hit when fired simultatneously.) I chose not to fire both guns, since I already needed 4/5 to hit. That was tough for me to roll, so making it a 5/6 would just mean that I didn't hit as often as I did, which was rare! Hindsight is 20/20 they say, and I think now that if I roll more die, I have a better chance of hitting. So, perhaps I'll try that next game... and we are having a rematch!

While the game may have seemed very lopsided, it was actually very close up until near the end and could have gone either way at various points in the battle.

I think I won't let him bring his StuGs next time! ;-P

I've entered our results for this game into the Race for Messina on the FoW official website.

I'm sure my fellow "Brits" will not appreciate my contribution... oh well. Perhaps I can pull a win out next time!

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