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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gingindlovo: More Zulu Trivia from Bwana Bill

As you may know, there was a great class division between British officers and their soldiers that manifested itself in many ways. It has been said that this extended to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. British soldiers were fond of beer and gin (usually too fond!) and a proper officer would not been seen touching either one. Wine and brandy were their acceptable alternatives. As you may have noticed, many words in the Zulu language are hard for the English speaking tongue to pronounce. During the 1879 Zulu War the British troops could not help but notice the word "gin" in the name Gingindlovo. (It means "the place of the elephants.") They therefore jokingly referred to the place as "Gin, gin, I love you." Having read about this prior to my trip to South Africa I had assumed that Gingindlovo was pronounced with soft g's. During the trip, my guide and I drove past Gingindlovo and I told him the "Gin, gin, I love you" story which he thought was very amusing. I then asked him if it was pronounced with soft g's or hard g's he assured me that it was hard g's. Good to know, right?

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