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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rubber Scenery for Gaming

I went to Fall In, the HMGS East gaming convention in Gettysburg. In the dealer hall I came across a couple of gents selling rubber scenery. Yes, that's right, rubber! Try to imagine something that looks like those freaky rubber masks that people wear for Halloween and you will know what I mean. This is basically the same thing except the features are buildings, ground, foliage, trees, crops, etc. They are actually quite amazing for their detailed and realistic appearance. I saw quite a large variety of things for sale. They had scenery for 15mm, 25mm and also 6mm. There were little diorama sets like the ones I bought, and also individual buildings. Apparently they come from a company in Australia called Miniature World Maker. I think the gents I bought them from are a U.S. distributer. I'm sorry I don't have their names. I am hoping they will be back for the Cold Wars convention in March. Anyway, take a look at these pictures. This one is a 15mm set with several types of cultivated fields. Scroll on down to see a few more pictures.
Happy gaming,
Bwana Bill

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