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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Bwana Bill and I played Flames of War last Saturday; another desert battle took place!

This time it was the Italians in the hot-seat against the British 8th Army’s Desert Rats.

I had just barely finished the great little models of the L6/40 light tanks, the M14/41s and the Semoventes, not to mention the Lancia da 90/53 Anti-Aircraft/Tank gun on the back of a truck. In fact the army isn’t really finished to my normal standards, however it was good enough for us to have the opportunity to do something different.

I added 4 Panzer IIIs from the DAK to stiffen the resolve of the Italians.

Bill has some photos, and I’m sure he’ll post them soon, so there is some new eye-candy to look forward to!

Avanti Savoia!!!

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