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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

British Mark IV and Whippet from WWI

Okay everybody, as I said before, I drove back to Aberdeen to get some better pictures. My son Andrew and I both had our cameras going and between the two of us we got about 120 shots. It's a lot to go through. In the first round of looking through the pictures, these two that Andrew took stood out for me. These close ups of the British Mark IV and the Whippet were just so clear and detailed that I just had to post them. I hope you not tired of looking at pictures of tanks because its about all we have right now. Keith and I have been so preoccupied with things lately that neither of us has been able to do hardly anything gaming-wise. That will be rectified soon because I am going to the Cold Wars convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this weekend! If any of you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. Check out our "Historical Miniature Gaming Society, East" link under "Gamer Resources" if you want to learn more about it.

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