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Monday, April 03, 2006

New Material for the Reading Room

I don't know if you wargamers out there have noticed it or not, but it seems to me that just within the past few years there has been an sudden rush of memoirs from German WWII veterans. These books provide new perspectives that are of great interst to anyone with an interest in WWII. I have seen several already. The best examples are the "Panzer Aces" books by Franz Kurowski and "Blood Red Snow" by Gunther Koschorrek. So far my "hands down" favorite is "Blood Red Snow."

Just this morning I started the latest release, "Sniper on the Eastern Front" by Albrecht Wacker. I have only read a couple of chapters, but so far it looks promising. I'll write more on it when I'm finished, which shouldn't take long, it's a short book.

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