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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ben Hur Roman War Galley

Hey everybody! Sorry about being gone so long. Anyway, last weekend my son Andrew and I went to the Games Workshop "Gamesday" event in Baltimore. Every time we go up there I have to pay a visit to my favorite ship model that is on display along with a whole lot of other very nice ship models in the Baltimore Convention Center. This one is very special because it is a movie star! This same model was just one of the many ship models used in the epic movie Ben Hur! It is astounding to see how big it is! It must be about 12 feet long. Apparently this one was found rotting away somewhere and it was nicely restored and put on display in the convention center about 20 years ago. Pretty cool huh? That naval battle scene in Ben Hur was magnificent! You couldn't do it better even with modern CGI! Don't you agree?

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