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Thursday, May 11, 2006

FoW Charity Tournament 17 Jun 06, Eldersburg MD

If you live in the United States (East coast, more or less!), play Flames of War, and can make it to this tourney, I highly recommend it!

As an old soldier (getting older every day!) I can't say enough about the good things Army Emergency Relief does for soldiers every day. Please support this if you are in the area and can afford to donate to AER. Hey, if you can't make the tourney, but would still like to lend a hand to soldiers in need, please make a donation - it's tax deductible!

Further, I played in a Tourney run by these folks in the past, and it was an incredible experience, mucho fun-o; Dylan and 'company' are the best, and the game shop he and his crew support is fantastic!

Information below is from a post Dylan made to the "NVa_Flames_of_War_Group" Egroup on Yahoo.

"Full details will be posted this weekend, but I wanted to let
everyone know early about an upcoming charity tournament - all
proceeds will go to support Army Emergency Relief, which is a non-
profit organization established to support soldiers and their
dependents with financial problems. Details about AER can be found
at www.aerhq.org if you want to know more.

As for the basic tournament details...
Date: Saturday, 17 June 2006, 9:30am to 7:30pm
Venue: The Arena, located in Eldersburg, Maryland.
Format: max 48 players, 1500 points, Mid-war, 3 2.5-hour games
Meals: Lunch provided by local businesses
Entry: we are requesting a $50 donation to AER (it is tax
Prizes: $1000 (yes, a thousand) in Battlefront miniatures, plus:
Osprey books, Avalanche Press games, Alliance Distribution games,
and additional prizes from various game manufacturers - support from
the game industry has been nothing short of incredible. Most will be
given out as door prizes, and nobody goes home empty handed.

There will also be competitive categories for, among other things:
•Best German Commander
•Best American Commander
•Best British Commander
•Best Russian Commander
•Best Italian Commander
•Best Painted Team/Vehicle
•Best Painted Army
•Best Background/Composition
•Best Young General
•Most Enjoyable Opponent
•Best Luck
•Worst Luck

Yes, we have a lot of stuff to give away! We will also be raffling
off the constructed game tables and terrain made from donated
materials - you can enter the raffle for terrain (if it can be
shipped) even if you can't attend.

If you want to come out, but aren't into the tournament scene, there
will also be a Kursk-theme mega battle, challenge tables, and pick-
ups. For those that are staying the night, we will also have various
games arranged for the day after.

If you would like to help out, but cannot make the trip, you can
also sponsor someone - there are several young local players who
would love the opportunity to play, but feel guilty about not being
able to make the donation. Please PM me if you are interested in
sponsoring. You can also send terrain materials (such as flock),
which are rapidly being expended...

Anyway, details to come when the PDF is published this weekend. If
you want to pre-register, you can make the donation at the AER
website and forward a copy of the verification message to
dylan.gould@us.army.mil or PM me for a mail address to send the
donation (or do it at a local military post).

Thanks for taking the time to read a long-winded post, and hope to
see you in June!"

Hey Look! They have a category for me! "Worst Luck"!! Wooo hoo! I have a shot! ;-)

Hope to see you there!

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