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Friday, June 02, 2006

Fort Halai Scenario

I have been feeling a little frustrated lately with the lack of good Zulu War scenarios at my disposal. So until Mark Fastoso and Roy Jones start selling their new scenario book, I have been improvising. I took Mark's scenario book on the Italians in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and adapted one of the scenarios for Brits and Zulus. This one was called the Fort Halai scenario. It worked out fairly well, I was rather pleased with it. A group of Brits are besieged at one end of the table and a relief force is trying to cross the length of the table to reach them. In the group of photos below the Zulus are seen launching their first attack on the redoubt which was fairly easy to capture. Then we see the first attacks on the relief force. In the last picture we see King Cetshwayo (in the leopard skin cloak) and the uThulwana regiment holed up in the rocks waiting for their chance to launch an attack.

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