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Friday, July 28, 2006

Mega Rorkes Drift Scenario

When we were at Historicon we participated in a huge Rorke's Drift scenario run by Roy Jones, one of the authors of the new Zulu War 1879 scenario book. (see below) The way Roy wrote this scenario it could take 2 or 3 full sessions to play out. He designed it so that the Zulus can launch 3 separate "waves." Each time a wave is played out each side is free to re-orient their units and then it starts again. In the third wave it is assumed that night conditions prevail.

Roy has a really nice Rorke's Drift scenery set that he purchased from Redoubt Miniatures. (We have a link down below.) I took a photo showing the whole setup. The two buildings come with very nice thatched roofs that can be removed.

It took us about 4 hours to play out only the first wave. This really is a huge scenario! Every time a Zulu unit is reduced to three figures it is removed from play, BUT, all the Zulu units are recycled back onto the table. Only when a certain number of them are eliminated will the "wave" come to an end. But here is another catch, if the Zulus succeed in obtaining any victory points during the course of the "wave," the threshold for wave termination increases. For example, without any victory points, the first wave ends when 8 Zulu units are eliminated, but if they were to capture the hospital during the course of the wave that number would increase to 12 units. Get the idea? In other words, the Zulus keep coming and coming as long as they maintain momentum by obtaining certain goals. Very clever idea! Actually, if you look through the scenario book, you will see many clever ideas.

I'll have some action pictures on this game for you later.

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