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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Canoe Chase: The Bitter End

We came around to the last set of rapids and I was still doing well. But then of course I failed my stability test and my canoe "turned turtle" and drifted for a couple turns. By the time I was able to get it going again the Indians were right behind me. We traded some musket fire but then they caught me. In this picture you can see my five-man canoe at the top with two large Indain canoes blocking my escape route. One Indian canoe is alongside mine and my trappers are "duking it out" with the Indians. As you can see, my five-man canoe only has four trappers in it. One of them has already been dispatched to the "Happy Hunting Grounds in the Sky."

At this point it looked pretty grim. The only thing left for me was to try to cut my way out against two canoes full of Indians. Unfortunately time had run out and we had to quit. I don't think I would have escaped anyway.

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