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Friday, August 11, 2006

Canoe Chase: The Starting Line

In these shots you can see the start of the chase game. In the bottom photo the trappers and indians are lined up and ready to go. The trappers are out in front and they got a head start of two full movements, limited by a roll of 2 dice each time. The indians got to roll 3 dice each turn, so they had a pretty good chance of catching up. The fun comes when the canoes enter the rapids. Every canoe has to test for overturning, and if it fails it capsizes untile the crew can right it again. In the top photo you can see that one of the small trapper canoes has capsized. This happened very early in the game. I think one of the two trappers in that canoe was hit by a lucky musket shot. Every time a canoe has a KIA you have to test to see if the victim's falling out of the canoe causes it to overturn.

Check back later for more.

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