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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Warhammer 40,000 (40K): Cities of Death

A few days ago I played a 40K game with my longtime buddy, “Bigmek Karl.” Bigmek is a renowned 40K hobbyist who has been a well-recognized figure at the Games Workshop (GW) Grand Tournaments in Baltimore. (But apparently they didn’t have one this year.) Bigmek plays Ork Speed Freaks and all his vehicles are scratch-built. His army received a full photo spread in White Dwarf a couple years ago; a rare honor! When GW released their Cities of Death book and the new plastic building kits, Bigmek got into it in a big way. Not only did he assemble several buildings from the kits, he improved upon them by adding his own scratch-built enhancements. At first we played on the 2D city plan mat that GW sells. That was very nice but not good enough for Bigmek. He built his own 3d street plan with pavement, sidewalks, and craters. Take a good look at these photos, you can even see the grease stains on the streets left by many years of city traffic! I’ll have more pictures for you too look at later, and a bit of an after-action report on the battle.

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