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Monday, December 31, 2007

Still More Apocalypse!

Well, we had another big game yesterday, so with this post I'm clearing out all the pictures from the game we had a month ago. I should point out that the third picture shows my Chaos horde throwing themselves at an Ork Stompa with insane fury. Um, they failed, they failed miserably. One of these days we are going to have to figure out how to kill one of those things.


Anonymous said...

Your armies are very well painted

I saw a bunch of paints on your table that aren't Games-Workshop paints, do you use them for your miniatures? If you do do they work well, what kind are they and are they less expensive than GW ones?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I use Vallejo paints extensively. Vallejo paints are approximately the same cost, slightly less expensive, than GW paints. Due to the types of bottles that Vallejo comes in, the baby eye-dropper bottles, it tends to last longer than GW paints.

There are two types of Vallejo paints: Hobby Colors and Model Colors. The Hobby Colors approximates GW (Citadel paints) naming and color convention, however they tend towards “thin” and I don’t care for them. For military miniatures, including my Space Wolves, I’m using the Model Colors. I bought several different “corps” packs that are produced by Flames of War for my 15mm minis, and these colors mostly carry over very nicely for sci-fi and fantasy.

In the end, I use both Citadel and Vallejo, but for military colors, the quality of the Vallejo paint truly stands out!