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Monday, March 17, 2008

New 28mm Hard Plastic figures for gaming Ancient Warfare

Here is another new development that many of you should find interesting. There is a new company out there called the "Wargames Factory." They will soon be marketing 28mm wargaming figures in hard plastic. They are being marketed as companion pieces for the new "Field of Glory" rules from Osprey Publishing. From what I understand, the first box will be Marian/Caesarian Romans and the second box will be Celts suitable for use as Gauls or Britons. I have to wonder why they decided on those two topics for their very first products. It just happens to be exactly what I have been collecting and painting. Are these guys psychic or something?

The first picture below shows what the Romans are going to look like. They seem pretty nice, don't you think? There will be 48 figures in the box and it will be sold for only $29.95! That is only 62 cents for figure. This could turn out to be an extremely interesting, and perhaps revolutionary, development in the wargaming hobby! We'll see, right?

The second picture is the art work for the exterior of the first boxed set. I love that picture! What a dramatic concept of what a volley of pilum would have looked like! I have never seen such an awe inpiring depiction of this before. Now you know why you would not want to be on the receiving end of that! I wish I could buy it as a print suitable for framing!


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Muhammad Saeed said...

Its strange that the plastic figure were used for for gaming ancient warfare. Very strange.
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