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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Peeps Competition: "Full Sugar Coating"

We have something really special to show you this time. Our good buddy "Karlmek," who is our 40K Ork expert, and scratch building expert, whose gorgeous models have recently been featured on this blog, has sent us pictures of his latest entry for the Washington Post Peeps competition. What is the Peeps competition you might ask? Well the idea to take those little sugary Peeps bunny candy that you see all over at Easter time and form them into a diorama. Karlmek likes to do scenes from movies; last year he did a scene from the cult classic film "Reservoir Dogs," which became "Reservoir Peeps." This year he chose a scene from another cult classic "Full Metal Jacket," which has been translated as "Full Sugar Coating."
Since it has a military theme we decided to post it on the blog. So, check out the pictures, everything is scratch built (except for the palm trees) including all the different weapons; they were not taken off toys. He did very well in the competition last year, so let's hope that he does even better this time!

1 comment:

thegonk said...

I just saw this. It's awesome! Go, Peep Mother!