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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Army Painter spray cans

Here is another interesting thing that I just learned about; this is also from Warlord Games in the UK. They are marketing, only in the UK and Europe unfortunately, colored spray cans for quickly applying base colors to large numbers of figures. What is different about these spray cans is that they are also designed to take the place of the usual white or black primers that we use. In other words you can prime and start the process of painting colors at the same time. The can in this picture is "Plate Mail," imagine what you could do with that if you had just started painting a large army that is wearing a lot of armor! The other colors are Desert Yellow, Human Skin, Navy Blue, Red, Grey, Skeleton Bone, and Army Green. I hope we see this come to North America some time soon!


Brett said...

I am pretty sure Warstore is carrying the sprays in the US.

Bwana Bill said...

Thanks for pointing that out Brett. I see that the War Store web site is offering them on pre-order basis. Very interesting!