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Friday, October 24, 2008

Resurrection, Part Two

Painting proceeded on the recently rediscovered Blood Claws Bike Pack; however, come game day, they were simply gray/black/dwarf flesh.

I got the basecoat for the tires, fenders, gas tanks, and faces of the riders done, and even did a bit of metallic color on the twin-linked bolters, engines, and exhaust pipes.

However, undaunted, I took them with me to the Game Parlor to slap them on the table in defiance of the forces of Chaos!!

Unfortunately, due to some miss communications, and a lad that failed to show up, our lists required tweaking.

Calculator in hand, I proceeded to play with my list the best I could on the spur of the moment. What I came up with as a list was rather underwhelming, and it did not include my newly (nearly) painted bikers! Oh well.

Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and Orks (yes, Orks!) battled against the forces of Chaos. Some days, your old foe becomes your battle buddy. Go figure!

My Blood Claws held their own, primarily due to the presence of a Rune Priest who cast “Psychic Storm” successfully for three turns, defeating most incoming rounds.

In Hand to Hand (HtH), the Rune Priest fought like a rabid wolf, tearing apart Chaos troopers left and right. Unfortunately, the Blood Claws struck last in combat due to their lower initiative, and had trouble hitting and wounding due to their lower weapon skill and strength. They still managed to kill one unit of Chaos Berserkers, before being completely slaughtered.

We lost the game, but I think everyone had a great time.

I came away from the game with a new idea for vehicle camouflage, thanks to the OrkMeister! I’ll post some photos of my “winter” Space Wolves vehicle camo soonest.

Meanwhile, here is some “eye candy” from the game, Courtesy of Andy.

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