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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the Beginning…. Part III

3. The Base – for my 15mm figures I use the standard bases provided by the “Flames of War” gang, while I use whatever is available for my 25mm figures. I have used Games Workshop bases of all shapes and sizes, as well as bases manufactured by other companies. As long at the mold is clean, base selection should only be restricted by the rules you intend to play. The selection of inexpensive alternative bases will not affect the final appearance of your figures.

Although I did not mention metal bases, many historical gamers do make good use of inexpensive metal bases, which you can most likely find at your local game supply store!

Metal bases are very thin metal squares or rectangles of various sizes. The advantages to using these are that they are less expensive and sold in packs containing quite a few bases, and if you choose to use a magnetic figure carrying case, your figures can travel standing up, ready for battle!

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