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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Painting SS Pea-dot Camo in the Fall Color Scheme

I have been working on a 25mm SS Company for Disposable Heroes, and Coffin for Seven Brothers.

I chose an unusual camo scheme, simply to be different; and also because a field soldier knows, after a few days on an exercise or in combat, almost all you own turns brown with dirt!

The SS Pea-dot camo is, in my humble opinion, one of the better camo schemes to emerge from World War Two, from any country's military! It came as a bit of a surprise to me that there were variations to the Pea-dot camo scheme!

The normal scheme has a green background, some dark blotches (larger spots) and several shades of lighter green placed in small, random spots - the pea-dots!

The fall color scheme is all in browns/yellows.

To paint this scheme I used the following Vallejo Paint colors from the "Model Colors" line:

Base coat: 70825 German Cam Pale Brown

Large splotches and some small dots: 70822 German Cam Black Brown

Small lighter colored dots: 70977 Desert Yellow

Start by cleaning the figures well and basing them. I base my WWII 25mm figures on 25mm round bases. I then glue fender washers onto the bottom of the 25mm round base. Fender washers have one side that is somewhat rounded, while the other side is fairly flat, with some sharper edges. I try to glue them on so that the rounded edge is away from the figure, and will be in contact with the gaming table.

I then use a pumice mix on the bases to create a 'dirt' consistency base which also serves to hide the figures base against the 25mm round base.

After the pumice has dried, I prime the figure in black.

On this batch of figures I painted the pants in Vallejo Feldgrau, and painted the base coat of German Camo Pale Brown on the smock.

After the initial coats dry, I use the German Camo Black Brown to paint round, oval, and semi-oval shaped blotches on the smock.

I also paint some tiny dots with the German Camo Black Brown, sort of trailing away from the larger blotches.

Once that layer is dry, I use Desert Yellow to paint blotches of color on top of the dark brown camo blotches. This is not meant to totally cover up the larger dark brown blotches, but rather to be place in the center of a larger darker spot of color!

I also paint some more tiny dots trailing away from the larger ones, using the Desert Yellow.

As you can see, this gives an usual pattern that breaks up the outline of the soldier, as a good camouflage scheme should do!

The figures in these photos are approximately 90% complete. I still have inking and highlighting to do, to put the final touches on them, and then my (in)famous muddying!

I'm going to continue working on these lads, and hopefully will post more photos as they near completion.

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