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Friday, August 07, 2009

"Roman Seas" at Historicon

Here is an interesting development that you all should know about. If any of you ever longed to reenact that great naval battle scene in "Ben Hur" you will soon have your chance.

Eric Hotz, the same gentleman that produces the Whitewash City cardstock scenery and also the Larry Leadhead comic strip, will soon be publishing a set of rules to accompany his "Roman Seas" cardstock model ships. The cardstock ship models have been available for a couple years now. They are the same scale as 6mm wargaming figures so you can use 6mm infantry to man the ships. The ship models are superb! They look great on the table and you have to get real close to realize that they are only make of cardstock (heavy paper).

I had an interesting experience at the recent Historicon convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with all this. I went there thinking I was going to play in a game based on the Battle of Camerone using the "Sword and the Flame" rules. Instead I found out that I had been given my second choice which was a playtesting of Eric Hotz' yet unpublished rules. What a great second choice it turned out to be! Brian Cantwell ran the game and he said that the goal of the rules was to provide playability and a cinematic feel. I have to agree with that. The models and scenery were quite a spectacle and the game drew a lot of admiring onlookers. Better still, I pulled off some extremely lucky die rolls and ended up winning the grand prize which was one of Eric Hotz' seascape game mats with hexes printed on it. I also obtained a CD containing some of the Roman cardstock models. You can see more on the game at Brian's "Repple Depple" blog.

I hope to soon be attempting to build a few models so I can be ready when the rules come out.


bcantwell said...


Glad you enjoyed the game so much. Definitely keep an eye peeled for the rules, which Eric says will be available this month. The experience from the game at Hcon really helped hammer out the last couple of spots that needed editing.

I also posted a reply on my blog to the question you asked about ship bases

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