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Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Unfortunate Oversight

I feel the need to apologize to Black Knight and Consul Scipio, as I completely left them out of my Fall In AAR!

I mentioned that due to several factors I was only able to get in a couple of games at Fall In this year. I shouted out much deserved thanks to Jim "Gnome Wars" Stanton - and then moved on to the next topic!

The other games I played at Fall In are a direct result of the hard work and generosity of Black Knight and Consul Scipio!

These two partners in warfare planned and executed a Warmasters Ancients Campaign that was somewhat like a Tourney.

I had never played Warmaster Ancients before, so this was a learning experience. Consul Scipio had the doubtful privilege of playing me in our first game of the campaign. I won that one, but only due to his patience, kindness, and forgiving nature. Also mass. I had mass. I had a LOT of mass! Black Knight spent several hours prior to the campaign painting up extra Gauls for me to use in my assault on Consul's Roman Legions. (After all, what have the Romans ever done for us?)

My second game was against Black Knight. After having to wake me several times so I could fumble my figures about the table, we decided to call it a draw! As was the case in the game against Consul Scipio, my game with Black Knight was filled with patience and generosity. Both were very forgiving opponents to this beginner! I will say that Black Knight's Persians are a "nasty" army to face, and the battle presented me with yet another learning opportunity!

I enjoyed my games of Warmasters Ancients, and consider that a high point of my weekend! Although I do like the game, my current gaming priorities and budget preclude me from investing in figures or rules. I loved the way it flowed though, and I think I could do pretty well - until my die turn against me as is so often the case!

My deepest and most sincere thanks to both Black Knight and Consul Scipio for an enjoyable campaign and the opportunity to play a new and fun game!


Black Knight said...

Anytime, El Bandito!

Black Knight said...

Anytime! Sorry we did't get you into the FOW event!

El Bandito said...

Thanks so much mate, and really, no worries. I have to tell you though, I'm "jonesin'" pretty bad for a WWII battle! I feel the need, the need for little metal men to bleed! ;-)