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Monday, December 07, 2009

15mm Sci-Fi - Rebel Miniatures

I have a lot of projects to finish. So many I went "AHHH!!!" the other day. So what does one do when they have a lot of projects? Well, most people would pick one and get going on it. What does Consul Scipio do? He starts ANOTHER project.

Here's how it happened...

Black Knight, a good friend who I game with a lot and attend conventions with pointed me to the new Battlefront Flames of War Vietnam* miniatures. Those Hueys look nice! So I sent my Father and Brother and sent them a link to buy me the US Cavalry "army" so they could get me that for Christmas. While I have time to wait, I started looking around my game room, otherwise known as the room of disorganisation, to decide which project to keep working on until the Cavalry arrive. "Should I work on some Flames of War Brits? No, I've been painting Flames of War miniatures for the last couple of months." Then I thought "Should I work on the 40K Tyranids? No. Even though my son is working on Games Workshop IG and Tau, I just can't bring myself to work on it." Then I saw my boxes of 28mm plastic Napoleonics. I painted about 24 French Line Infantry but honestly I'm just not into it right now. Looking around some more I found some Rebel Miniatures 15mm "Earth Force Marines" and two Grav tanks. "Well, they're the closest miniatures I have to 15mm Moderns that aren't WWII so why not."

In two nights I've painted over 20 Earth Force infantry and two tanks. I plan on expanding the force with Merkava 5s and even more Earth Force Troops. Although MY troopers are "Cavalry" or "Mobile Infantry" in my story. Oh and I want some of those gun ships and drop ships too! They look great. I still have to touch them up and dull coat them but I'm happy with the results.

Here are a couple more pictures. Forgive me as I used my iPhone and they are quite shiny!

Now, what rules am I going to use? Heck if I know. I have been thinking I'll create my own since there doesn't seem to be a 15mm company level Sci-Fi game out there.

* I realize that Battlefront insists the Vietnam game and miniatures are "Wargames Illustrated" but who are they kidding?


Mark said...

Great minis. Really like what you've done with the bases. Very effective.

I've got 80 EF Marines waiting to be painted and a further platoon on my workbench waiting to be finished.

Think I might order another pack or two from Mike and do something like this with FOW bases.


Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Consul Scipio said...

Thanks for the comments. I've been toying with building a game system to use for my FoW based Sci-Fi. But I get easily distracted. :)

Mark said...

LOL! So am I!