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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wings of War

This afternoon, Bwana Bill, Orkmeister Karl, Andy, and I had the opportunity to have a little "dad" (and not so dad!) time. Bwana had the World War I version of Wings of War, and has purchased a lovely array of their models. We sat down and ran through about five games in four hours. Amazing!!!

The game is played entirely with cards - unless you choose to purchase the lovely plane models (pre-painted). There are NO dice in the game. You select three moves (left turn, right turn, sharp right [for rotary engine aircraft!], straight, climb, or Immelman) and that is what you do during your turn. Each card represents a "phase". During each phase, you select your card, lay it down, move your aircraft, and then check range and arc of fire to any nearby opponents.

We played about 3 or 4 games of standard fighter scenarios - first the two "newbs" played each other, then all four of us played as wingman - two man teams.

I really enjoyed the game, as it is very quick and easy to learn and play - and as always, my eyes are drawn to well painted models - especially if I don't have to paint them!

In two scenarios, we play two fighters attacking a fighter, which was escorting a two-seater reconnaissance or light bomber aircraft. The objective for the fighter team was to stop the larger aircraft from getting to their airdrome and taking photos.

That was interesting - the larger aircraft, being two-seaters, have a rear gunner - therefore, they "sting" from the front (maybe - depending on the aircraft) and the rear.

All in all, we had a great time, and then got to have a quick gander at Orkmeisters scenario books for Kreta. Fallschirmjagers coming to a gaming table near you in the near future!!!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Likewise I think WoW is a great easy to pick up game :)

Glad you had fun with it ;)

El Bandito said...

Indeed! It's always nice to hang out with our little group, and the game, being easy to learn, and fast to play, just made the day that much better. Did i mention how much i like the little models? ;) Thanks for dropping by! It's a true pleasure to hear from one of our actual readers, instead of the spambots we normally have attempting to drop comments on us - with links to "bad" pages, most likely!