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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warlord Games Bolt Action Universal Carriers Mark II

I purchased a couple of Universal Carriers Mark II from Warlord Games last week. I had a special request that they be shipped to me for my son (Kyle is 11 years old) to paint up before our game at Fall-In! on Saturday.

Warlord Games delivered!

Even better was the product. They sent two great looking carriers and crew. So here are the pictures of the carriers and the crew before being painted.

The nice thing about the carriers are how 'clean' they are. I couldn't find any pit marks on either model. The edges and sharp parts were straight and clean up was minimal. There was some resin in the tracks but that's expected and was easy to clean up.

This top down view shows some of the interior with crew. Kyle punched out the front opening for the hull machine
gunner and the gunner with machine gun fit in very easy.

I'm no expert on Universal Carriers but these appear to be well sized to match with the driver and crew. It seems to have all the right pieces and form.

More of these are in my future!

This front shot shows the second carrier and the crew added to it. Note that I had only
purchased one set of crew thinking of splitting them between the carriers. I regret that decision now and will be buying more crew.

Notice that the head on the driver is wearing a baret. This is because Kyle is using them for his Red Devils. The driver body is a resin part of the carrier and you can put on different heads. Warlord Games shipped us the Red Devil head upon request.

This carrier doesn't have a hull machine gunner but Kyle put in a machine gun!

Kyle and I are very happy with these models. They put a smile on our face pulling them out of the box and unwrapping them. The grade on these is A+.

Here is a picture of the back end of the carriers. Driving away as this review ends...

1 comment:

Beccas said...

Very nice models. Did the Bren on the pole in the back of the 2nd Bren come with the kit?