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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Miniature Wargaming ADD...

So, I've been quite busy with real life, especially work over the last three months. So much so that even painting at night was few and far between I was so tired!

Well, the projects have been wrapped up and I've got some time to relax. My weekends are back for my personal time to spend with family and soon some gaming!

During the last week, I've been excited to get back into gaming especially 28mm Napoleonics, then a couple of days later, I thought maybe I should get back to finishing my AWI Guilford Court House project inspired by the book "Long, Obstinate and Bloody", oh and then a day later my son (he's 12) found my French and Indian War miniatures and I though, oh I need to finish those. But wait theres more! I then got the idea that some Middle East Flames of War, specifically Yom Kippur would be fun to try as I was send a play test set of rules for that! I was pointed to the new article on the forthcoming "HAIL CAESAR!" game being developed by Warlord Games which got me thinking I need to finish some Imperial Romans and wow wouldn't it be fun to start a 28mm "Barbarian" army of Picts that looked like the guys in the movie "The Eagle" just to shake people up on the game table a bit?

So, does anyone else jump from project to project not really completing much?

I know that I can complete gaming projects, especially Flames of War forces, 28mm WWII, 10mm Ancients and 28mm Ancient armies. But lately I've looked at what I have and wonder if I'll ever be able to focus on any unfinished project to completion. What should I do?

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