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Saturday, July 23, 2011

REAL Thunderwolf Cavalry

As I previously noted, I discovered a gent who makes true Thunderwolf Cavalry. Of course, he doesn't call them that - or GW would be all over copyright infringement or some nonsense. Which makes it tough for those of desiring to field howlin puppy cav - since GW doesn't MAKE any. On top of not making any decent models for a really cool unit, GW doesn't even make any halfway decent models.

Paulson Games = problem solved.

Not only does he make lovely wolf models that are the right size to have an eight-foot tall Space Marine riding them, he makes the saddle/legs for the rider as an extra bits option you can buy. I bought the "full meal deal" with all three poses of howlin pups and the legs to match.

The models are made of resin and require assembly (duh!) and painting. There is some flash, but it requires minimal effort to clean the bits up and prep them for gluing. Not having worked with resin before, I discovered that my model glue doesn't work, so in stepped my "Zap-a Gap" to save the day.

Interestingly, the bodies have Roman numerals inside ("What have the Romans ever done for us!?!") to keep the modeler from getting confused about which body half goes with the other.

There are three poses available. I'm not sure if Mr. Paulson intends on crafting any more poses. Perhaps if he sells enough, he might be encouraged to offer another pose or two. Perhaps a "lunging" or crouching model? Just saying!

As nice as the wolves are, I have to say the rider legs and saddle bits really brought a smile to my face. They are extremely well crafted, nicely detailed, and have "Space Wolves" touches on them. In addition to the very cool space marine cavalry legs (with stirrups!), Mr. Paulson has created textured bases the same size and shape as GW Warhammer 40K cavalry bases!

Here are a few photos of the models and bases painted white and touched up with badab black wash to show the detail. For unadulterated images, head over the Paulson Games.

As soon as I get one ready to show off, I'll slap up some pics for my fellow Space Puppy fans to drool over.


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