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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thunderwolf Calvary Tweaks and "Hacks"

I mentioned a while back that I planned on “hacking” some non-Games Workshop figures to create Thunderwolf Calvary. I found some figures that were almost right – still a tad small – and looked nice. Not great, but they would do… I found them at my (RIP) local, Game Parlor Woodbridge (the shop closed recently after six years of trying to stay afloat – the main GP store in Chantilly, VA remains open!). I asked some of the lads at the shop about wolves. They ran through the normal litany of Ral Partha, GW Dire Wolves, and Reaper minis. While some of the Reaper figures were actually quite nice, they were far too small. I started digging through various stacks of figures and raiding different racks in a random manner – when I came across the Privateer Press figures for Warmachine. Specifically, there were some wolf figures for the Hordes add-on that were about the right size, had some armor, and weren’t “ugly”. So, I bought three figures and mounted space marines on them. Mounting the marines, in particular, the legs, was torture for me – and for the space marine in question. After several tries, I was able to get them on, but not without breaking the legs on one or two, and having to use green stuff to fill in gaps or glue to hold the bits together. No Canis, space marine legs aren’t designed to bend that way!

I’ll get some photos of my “hacks” up soon. They remain a work in progress; however, I have to get this post up, because I know there are Space Wolves players out there that are desperate to field some new figures, and, like myself, are having a tough time finding appropriate figs. Although these “hacks” work, and they are “nice”, the reason I felt compelled to throw this post up was that I’ve actually found some incredible figures online.

I originally found the link on the Dakka-Dakka forums, if I recall correctly – so some SW players know about them. However, I’m so very impressed with these figures that I want to spread the word – and do a good deed for fellow SW players, and for an extremely talented sculptor. For now I’ll throw in a link to the Web site – later, after I’ve had a chance to actually do some work on them, I’ll try to do proper justice to them with a full post!

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