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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Brigade Games - New Stuff

For the 25mm gamer, head over to Brigade Games and see what Lon Weiss has to offer.

Both the Renegade line, as well as BGs own line of WWI are fantastic.

They run 28mm for BG, a little larger for Renegade.

So, what does that mean to the average gamer?

If you have built your army using mass-produced, buck or less per figure bags from Old Glory or Battle Honours, you may want some new poses and some extra nice command figures that will stand out - or even a platoon or company that is your "elite" force! The BG figs will fit nicely with Old Glory. Renegade tend to be a bit larger, but if you are tired of "dirty mold" figures and are willing to lay down the bucks for a fine army, Renegade is the way to go.

After all, it's not Games Workshop! You're still getting a bargain!

So what's new?

Lon has just released the new FT-17 Tank in resin/pewter. The picute on his website is actually the pre-mold metal version.

It's an amazing model with some of the finest detail on an affordable wargames model I've ever seen. It's size is right, the weapons are right - you get a choice between the little canon and the MG. Sweet! Since this tank was fielded in WWI by both French and American forces, it's very useful to the WWI wargamer!

I had a little trouble on one model with the tracks, however, other than some minor bubble issues, which all resin models have to a greater or lesser degree, I found these to be sweet models. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being sacharine, 1 being salt - they are an 8. Very sweet models and well worth the price.

Also have a look at his Panzer II Luchs. It's a sweet model as well, very clean lines, and it paints up nice!

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