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Friday, March 04, 2005

Vallejo Paints

What's not to like about these critters?

You have an eye-dropper bottle of paint that comes in all the colors a gamer might want, with names that are useful, like, "German Uniform."

The eye-dropper bottle is pretty small, but it's thick paint - so you drop a tiny bit on your palette, add a heap of water, and voila! You have enough paint to do what you have to do!

It dries pretty quickly, so they even sell a “slower” that, strangely enough, slows the drying process. Note – if you are painting something on Saturday morning that you need for a noon-ish game, don’t add the “slower!” Your figs won’t be dry till much later!

There are many distributors in the states – and now that they are creating special packages for Flames of War, a box of paints for each army-type, you’ll be able to find them nearly anywhere!

Now, if you're not a historical gamer, that's all right too! They have "Game Colors," which are the fantasy colors. The names are close enough to Citadel paint colors that you will be able to figure out color switches with ease.

Just my Two-cents worth!

Update: For new readers, or those who don't go that extra step to delve into the Comments, Brian left a very good and important comment relating to Vallejo Game Colors, their fantasy colors - He says the red (I'm assuming "Bloody Red?") runs like ink. That's not good! I'll stick to what I know - their historical colors are fantastic - so far! I'm trying to replace all my Citadel and Polly 'S' paints with Vallejo!

But Hey! That's just me!

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