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Friday, March 04, 2005

More Progress - and a Rant about Mud

I skipped something last night I probably shouldn't have, but got a good deal more done on Johns' tanks. This afternoon I'll get a bit more RLM-62 light tan on the last two that I built, and then I'll do the camo. Then lettering, markings, then finally inking, highlighting, and then the very best part...


What's not to like about mud?

One of the things I distinctly recall from my few times in the field, is that after a few hours in the boonies, everyone’s uniform looks pretty much alike, unless they're a slacker! Muddy! Dirty! Salt stains where your straps and belt rest.

Those parade soldiers are just a bunch of pretty boys! Real soldiers, meat-eaters, mud-crunchers - they get dirty and grimy, and they don't have a chance to clean up very often.

So you're thinking, “But those great little figs have so very much beautiful detail! I don't want to cover it up!”

What detail are you talking about?

The boots? Yeah, nice detail; usually the weakest bit on a figure.

The pants? Hey, a little mud won't cover the detail on the pants - and it might actually bring out the detail a bit!

Ok, before any of you Nappy (Napoleonic’s!) gamers start looking for measurement lumber to adjust my attitude, please keep in mind I'm talking modern warfare here - Hooo eeee! Modern warfare includes, for Keith’s purposes, anything from 1914 to current day.

Now... I'm also painting up my Johnny Rebs - or that is to say they are sitting on my table. I painted one command set, officer, drummer boy, and banna wava. I muddied them slightly and it looks good.

Just a touch on the boots, elbows and knees won't destroy any of that lovely detail on their chests (ribbons, medals, etc) or the braid on their epaulets.

Go on... dab a bit on... you know you want to!

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