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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I now have a fully capable and very flexible Fallschirmjager Mid-war Airborne force. I've finally finished the "doorknocker" platoon. I'll get some photos up, I promise!!

I'm now working on the mid-war ground force. I have a pair of Marder IIs painted and two more on the table, as well as three Hetzers painted, with a fourth on the table.

I've just started work on a Battlefront Minis Fallschirmjager platoon, since all of my Fallschrimjager infantry and HMG platoons are from Command Decision, and based incorrectly for FoW tourney play. So, repainting, rebasing, etc. I want to play this army in Tourney to see how they do...

Now, up against Brians Soviet Infantry Company, I don't think I'll have enough RoF to kill the stands I'll need to knock out for a win, or even a tie! If you've never seen the huge number of figs in a Soviet Infantry unit, you would be absolutely stunned. It's huge.

Still, it would be an interesting battle - for a while!

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