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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Evil Dice

Ok, this is a bit down the bunny trail, but it is a topic that will vex many a gamer!

How often do you have a bad day with the dice?

I mean, a really, really bad day?

Like when your opponent opens fire, hits your guys with nearly every die he throws, and then you roll your handful of saves - and needing anything above a 2, you roll mostly 1s and 2s?

Or when your turn to fire on your opponent comes, you roll 50 d6 and you need 4+ to hit - and you roll maybe 5 hits? And to add insult to injury, your opponent immediately rolls 5 saves, needing 5+ and makes them all!

I mean, what's up with that!??

I have recently found that I like large dice. The little ones seem to roll worse for me than the larger. I use Chessex almost exclusively, since that's what my local shop (Eagle and Empire) sells.

Let's use that Haloscan Comment thing - remember it will parse your comments if they run too long - to discuss your feelings on dice...

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