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Friday, December 30, 2005

Desert Rats Revenge

Twice before the British Desert Rats 7th Armored Divison had been soundly thrashed by the German Afrika Korps 15th Panzer Division. This time Blogmeisters Keith and Bwana Bill try out the Cauldron Scenario from the Flames of War Desert Rats book. Bill volunteered to sit in the Cauldron and take the heat. In this scenario you put half your platoons on the table and assign the other half to reserve status. The British Desert Rat attackers, played by Keith and his buddy Josh, set up all around in a manner determined by random die rolls. Bill decided to put his infantry out first with only one platoon of MK IIIJ panzers to support them. There should also have been a 50mm Pak 38 anti-tank gun platoon but the runner carrying their orders was captured by a Desert Rat patrol so they stayed in reserve status. As the sun rose the Desert Rats realized that in the confusion of the previous day and evening, as the running battle was dying down, a German Afrika Korps company had "lagered up" for the night right in the middle of the British 7th Armored Division. As usual, Major Crisp was the first to realize the situation. Running through the camp to his M3 "Honey" tank he yells, "no time for tea now lads, this is our chance to even the score with Jerry!" Crisp uses his tank's radio to alert his entire Division and all British units start to converge on the German lager. The Cauldron will soon boil over!

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