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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cheese Weasel Logistics

Have a look down on the right hand side of the browser here, and you will see under Gamer Resources, a brand spanking new link, all shiney and what-not!

Cheese Weasel Logistics is a startup company that currently produce a card carrying box, called the Card Coffin.

This box is designed for several different games, to include the WizKidz Pirates game I told you all about back here.

If you wargame with Pirates or other Collectable Card Games, these guys are there to help you transport your force for the day! Pop on over and do a little clicking, and help a startup company of gamers, for gamers!

From the Chief Weasel, "At present we have our Card Coffin line and a few accessories for it in production. I don’t know if you have seen our Card Coffins or not. It wasn’t designed with miniatures in mind but it seems that it has come to fit even more then we thought. We created a custom card Coffin for the Pirates game by Wizkids. It holds an entire fleet but not your whole collection. Folks make that mistake all the time. It is designed to take all components for a playable game to the table, not hold collections. We also found that the Card Coffin holds all the components for the new Axis and Allies minis game by WoTC. So while the card Coffin was created with CCGs in mind I fits perfectly with miniatures games as well.

We are also in the midst of creating 2 new games that we will present to the public in March at the GAMA convention. One of these games in a miniatures based game. It won’t fit in the Card Coffin, unless you use a hammer and some serious stomping, but we don’t recommend that."

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