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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Miniature Building Authority

One of the most satisfying aspects of miniature wargaming is recreating the world in miniature for your battle.

We gamers often make a good deal of our own scenery, however some folks come along once in a while to offer such great bargains in scenery that you can't pass it up!

See, if you are building scenery, you are not painting figures or models for your games. So, if you are busy with several armies at once, like many gamers, you don't feel like taking the time to make really nice terrain.

So something suffers. Either you get no terrain at all, or quickly made stuff that looks like quickly made stuff!

Enter one of the finest proprietors of pre-painted scenery: The Miniature Building Authority

At the last Fall-In Convention, I purchased "Middle Eastern Town Set A". It arrived yesterday!!

It's exactly as pictured at the above link! Amazing.

So, here is this lovely terrain, beautiful, true-color buildings that are already painted! I mean, what could be better?

You ask? What? Could? Be? Better?

The buildings come apart to show battle damage!!! Wooo hooo!!!

They are pre-painted (Did I mention that?) both inside and out and they break apart in pre-cut places to resemble battle damaged buildings.

These are beyond cool. I cannot recommend them highly enough! If you are a gamer, get some of this stuff! It saves time and looks great!

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