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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Online shopping V.S. Brick and Mortar shops

Many of us are lucky enough to have a “local” shop we can play at. These shops sell our favorite products, figures, paints, rules, and accessories. They provide all the goodies, for a price, but they also provide tables and space for us to play. That space could be used to sell goods; I’ll also put in here that there is no better form of advertisement than people involved in a game with beautifully painted figures and models, and they are having a blast! That draws crowds and sells product.

For those not lucky enough to have a “brick and mortar” shop near them, there are the online folks. Online shops also provide special deals periodically, and can also sometimes get difficult-to-find products or lines of product.

I will always support my local shop with my purchases, since they are kind enough to provide table space for me to play. This means I don’t have to build my own table or keep space for it in the basement.

So, for those of you not lucky enough to have “brick and mortar” shops, here are a few places online that I recommend.

Brigade Games

The WarStore.com

Grandiosity Historical Miniatures and Military Books (Warweb.com)

Now if you are in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, there are a few shops that are within driving distance.

Eagle and Empire (Virginia)

HobbyTown (Virginia)

Game Parlor (Virginia)

The Arena Sports Cards and Games (Maryland)

If you are aware of any local shops that would like a “shout” on the Internet, drop TabletopGamer a line and we’ll see what we can do!

Remember, we want to give credit to shops that sell Wargaming miniatures, paints, and other hobby supplies!

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