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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Autoblindas race forward. A 20mm canon and six wheels with light armor! Avanti! Charge the tanks!

The Panzer IIIs of the Deutches Afrika Korps 'stiffen the resolve' of the poorly armed and amored Arieta Division M14/41 tanks.

Lancia da 90/53s gaurd the captured Hurricane IIC. This was a wicked little model to build. Interesting bits and pieces for a start, not to mention that enormous AA/AT gun!
Apparently this was the Italian version of the dreaded German .88 - and it proved effective when it fired!

British Infantry prepare for the armored assault of the Arieta Division, backed up by a platoon of Grant tanks.

The buildings are those mentioned in an earlier post, made by The Miniature Building Authority.

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