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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Semoventi 75/18s take the first round of fire from the British Grants. With it's powerful 75mm gun, this was a dangerous vehicle. Unfortunately it had the same armor as the M14/41s - which is to say, not enough.

Another view of the destroyed village where the British Infantry were dug in and supported by tanks.

I move the L6/40 light tank platoon forward into harms way. A two-man tank armed with even less armor than the M14/41, and a 20mm gun. I didn't expect great things from this platoon! Still, they are great little miniatures, and looked good on the table.

We created much of the terrain using model train scenery gear. The hills are all from foam, painted with a textured paint I mix up especially for this use.

The light tanks are slightly behind the Autoblinda armored cars as the British HQ unit moves forward and prepares to open fire.

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