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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A New Game - to Your Blogmeisters!

Bwana Bill and I have been talking about Legends of the Old West by Warhammer Historicals.

After reading the rules, I feel that they are full of fun fluff and they are completely playable. Apparently this ruleset is somewhat like of Games Workshops Lord of the Rings - mixed with Mordheim - which are both games I love to play!

Basically, you start with $200.00 and use that to build a "posse". You have to have at least 3 members to start, though it's probably better to have a lot of members. More figures mean you can make your opponent roll more die!

With Bwana Bill's Whitewash City buildings and a bit of home-baked terrain we'll be all set!

Figures are another topic entirely. I have a few that I've collected, but so far my favorite are by Shadowforge Miniatures which I purchased through Brigade Games - the "Earp Sisters" set! I actually bought them for my wife, however they are such great minis that I recon I'll have to mosey on down to my paintin' room and slap a dab o' paint on them thar critters!

The figures I have were purchased, cleaned, and painted are from the Desperado line by Monday Knight Productions. I am happy with the quality, however they are true 25mm, which makes them a tad small compared to the Shadowforge minis.

Still, I look forward to my gang of banditos riding into town, guns blazing, taking hostages, robbing banks, and being generally bad hombres! I have a 'gunslinger' looking figure with two pistols, a former Southern Army Scout with a Winchester rifle, a buffalo hunter/trapper/trader with a buffalo gun, and a gunslingin' gambler, as well as a Mexican bandito and a renegade deputy.

Bwana will have to come up with a band of cowpokes or lawmen to counter the threat of my dastardly gunslingers!

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