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Friday, March 03, 2006

Update from Armaments In Miniature - 15mm WWII Aircraft for the Discerning Wargamer

I wanted to pass on some good news about Armaments In Miniature(AIM). I was checking out the website there, looking specifically for an Italian airplane model to compliment my Compagnia Carri. In addition I was hoping to find a P40 to support my American paratroopers. Dave produces some the absolute finest true 15mm resin aircraft models I've ever seen. You can buy painted metal planes for slightly less, however they are not in proper scale. It always looks better, to me at least, to have everything in the same scale! Another reason that his models are great to use is that they fit so nicely on his terrain clearing stand, which is something every 15mm World War II gamer should have!

What follows is Dave's reply to my email query on the current status of various remolds!

"The Fiat CR.42 is in production and I have detailed decals for it (two different squadriglia). I also have the CR.42AS version which was a dedicated ground attack version for North Africa. I also have two different decal set for it.

I have an Italian version of the Ju-87B-2 (Ba/Ju-87B-2/R-2/TROP) with Italian bombs, drop tanks, dust filter and Italian decals.

The P-40E was just completed and I am working on the parts mold to provide a bomb and drop tank.

Also waiting to complete the parts mold for the Kittyhawk IA (British version of the P-40E).

Just competed the remaster of the Me-109G-6 and added a bomb, drop tank, 21 cm rocket launchers, and 30mm add on wing guns. Have an Italian version available with decals.

Just ready to pour the first part of the production mold for the Junkers Ju-52/3m 5ge model.

Late in March I will have the Bell P-39 D and a remaster of the French D.520.

I also have a early war landing craft available, the LCP(L).

I remastered the Il-2, Il-2 Type 3, I-16 and the Ju-87D-1."

As a Post Script to the above information, Dave also sends: "...the new models will be introduced at HMGS East Cold Wars '06 in Lancaster, PA and I hope the have my web site updated by the end of March"

Wow! I'm so excited about these new releases, I'm going to have to order several new models! I'll make sure I post photos when I get done!

For photos and previous posts about AIM, click here and here. The Terrain Clearing Stand can be found here.

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