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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Sword and the Flame in Africa

Bwana Bill has managed to get me hooked on this great game. I bought some figures last year at Fall-In, but hadn't been able to get to them yet.

This last week, I grabbed eight lads out and whipped out a quick paintjob on them. They are painted as Highlanders. I'll tell you, the sound of pipes just gets my blood boiling! 'Ave at 'em lads!

The Highlanders will be attacking (or defending?) tonight in another Fort Halai scenario. It seems the Zulus got the better of it last time, so we are adjusting the unit structure a bit.

The 17th Lancers will be on hand tonight, as well as the Scots, and they're "dead 'ard" lads. Perhaps with that combination, we will turn the savage tide and save the fort!

The figures were identified by Bwana Bill as Black Tree Design figures. They are wonderful little figures posed in a nice variety of poses.

If you are interested in wargaming the Victorian Era, I can also most highly recommend Brigade Games, one of my favorite suppliers. Lon is a stand up guy with great employees and wonderful service.

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