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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Flames of War Action at Game Parlor Woodbridge

In the top photo you can see where the Amerikaners are closing in on me. There are 3 M5 Stuarts that zoomed around my left flank and shot up my side armor. At the top-right of the photo you can see a US infantry platoon reoccupying the village and at the same time threatening my right flank.

In the bottom photo you can see where I have wiped out the Stuarts but they have already done their job of causing me irreparable harm. I am also trying to get my 88s in a position on the crest of the hill where they can hopefully finally help me out, but they never succeeded. I found that using 88s to support a very mobile attacking force is not the best choice if there are going to be a lot of hills. It's too hard to get them into position. Next time I might try some artillery instead. We'll see.

I really got picked apart pretty bad in this game. The worst part was that my opponent was still a beginner and I was explaining game mechanics to him throughout, and all the while he was picking my bones clean! How does a thing like that happen? We'll I think that game mechanics aside, Kyle had a really good "nose" for tactics. It figures, in real life he's an Army officer on the staff of the Army War College in Carlisle, PA! So, no shame in losing to him then, right? I'm just glad that he is on our side!

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